An Overview of the Spanish Wine Industry


Both in quality and quantity, Spain is a world-class producer of wines. Currently there are close to three million Spanish acres sown with wine grapes, making it the most widely planted wine-producing nation. Worldwide, only France and Italy manage to bottle more wine than Spain. The discrepancy is due to Spanish vineyards’ tendency to have…

The Early History of Wine in Spain

Many species of grapes are native to the Iberian Peninsula, where they have grown wild for thousands of years. The first grapevines to have been cultivated for wine production were likely planted by the Phoenicians around 1100 B.C. in the area of Cádiz in the south. Phoenician viniculturalists taught wine-making techniques to local inhabitants of…

Getting a Bargain at the Wine Shop


  Wine Expert Stephanie Carraway gives tips on how to bargain with your local wine shop

Tips on Pairing Wine and Cheese


Wines and cheeses have a lot in common. To start with, they are both fermented liquids. Wine, as we know, is fermented grape juice. Cheese is fermented milk. Like wine, cheeses come with an array of flavors, textures, and characteristics. A general guideline for constructing great food and wine pairing involves pairing “like with like”….

Tips on Serving Champagne


Wine expert Emilie Perrier discusses how to serve Champagne to maximize your enjoyment of this wonderful wine. Wine Expert Emilie Perrier on Champagne

Pairing Wine with Take-out Part 1: Indian, Chinese and Thai Food


Wine does not have to be reserved for special occasions – or even for a home-cooked meal! It can be enjoyed with any type of food, any day. As always, the number one rule of wine pairing is to make sure you like what you’re drinking. (A famous New York City chef only drinks red…

Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc


When considering Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé, it can be hard to find comparisons because these wines stand out relative to Sauvignon Blancs produced in other parts of the world. Many in the wine world consider these wines to be the absolute best expression of the grape because they manage to showcase all…

Working with Your Sommelier


A lot of people say they are intimidated by sommeliers – don’t be – they’re there to help you! It is their job to help you find a wine you’ll enjoy, and with your help they can do just that. Often times the sommelier will start by asking you what kind of wine you like….

Red Zinfandel, White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is one of California’s all-time most-successful accidents. Zinfandel, the grape from which both red and white wine is made, is almost black in color. Although the vine is infamous for its unevenly-ripening berries (often, ripe black berries will hang next to a tart, green, small berry on the same bunch), White and Red…

High Altitude Vineyards


Few factors affect the taste and quality of a wine more than climate. This broader term encompasses everything from altitude to weather. Given this season one of our episodes focuses on Malbecs from Mendoza, Argentina, we thought looking at how altitude affects wine was worthy of further examination. Malbecs grown in Mendoza, Argentina’s largest wine…