Wineglasses: What to Look For


Some manufacturers have developed specific glasses to suit the characteristics of different wine varietals, but assembling a collection of varietal specific glasses can take a toll on your wallet and cabinet space. While some wine enthusiasts may prefer varietal specific glasses, for those who want to keep it simple, here’s the scoop on the two…

Rock Stars in Wine


Did you know that there is a growing group of musicians who have turned their creative talents to winemaking in their spare time? Here’s what some of them are doing… Journey’s Jonathan Cain To Jonathan Cain, keyboardist and longtime member of the band Journey, winemaking and music go hand in hand. Passion, patience and the…

Fortified Wine


Fortified wine is made by adding a neutral distilled spirit or Brandy (a spirit produced by distilling wine) to wine. Preservation was the original reason that wines were fortified. When people began exporting wine, they found it went bad before it reached its destination, so, in an effort to preserve the wine, distilled spirits were…

Wine in Ancient Rome

iStock_000008055108Small bacchus at vineyard

We’ve all seen movies with scenes of ancient Romans lounging at sumptuous banquets enjoying copious amounts of food and wine, but how important was wine to Roman culture, and what role did Rome play in spreading the tradition of viticulture throughout the world? Wine was an integral part of ancient Roman culture and religion. Romans…

The Alcohol Content of Wine

Wine Expert Stephanie Caraway discusses the factors that influence the alcohol content of wine.

Cooking with Wine


There are cooks who insist that you should only ever cook with a wine you would drink, but walk into any restaurant kitchen, and you’re sure to find large bottles of inexpensive wine used exclusively for cooking. Here are some tips about selecting wine for cooking. What kinds of wine should you use? For a…