The 24,000-Liter “Wine Box”

flexitank pic 2

In recent years, the quantity of wine that is bulk-shipped in giant tanks from its country of origin to markets where it is bottled and sold has increased significantly. Most of this wine is transported in giant “plastic bags” known as flexitanks. To learn more about how flexitanks work, VINE TALK interviewed Alex Norton, Global…

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Wine as Medicine: Part Two – The Middle Ages

iStock_000002088257Small medieval chalices

By Dr. Philip Norrie, MBBS, MA, MSc, MSocSc (Hons), PhD, MD (cand) After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, Europe entered the “Dark Ages” where many traditions and much learning were lost, including knowledge of Greek healing—which included the use of wine as a medicine. During this period, it was Byzantine physicians…