Vine Talk Season One Favorite Wines


Many viewers have asked us to publish the list of audience and celebrity wine favorites for each of our episodes. Given the way series roll out in the public television system, we waited so as not to spoil the surprise for markets that started the series later than others. For those of you that have…

Tips on Ordering Wine


Some people say that navigating a wine list is as intimidating as public speaking — it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips that will help make ordering wine a more pleasant experience. Tip 1: Order by the glass or by the bottle? At many restaurants and bars, wines offered by the glass tend…

Actors and Directors in Wine, Part I


  There seems to be an ever-growing union between celebrities and wine. It makes sense – both are rich, and are often complex; but, while most celebs just like to sip and swirl, there are more than a few who have taken their grape fascination to the next level, investing in labels, or even starting…

What Does a Cork Tell You


Wine Expert Stephanie Caraway discusses what a cork can reveal about a bottle of wine

Riesling Sweetness Scale

Wine Expert Stephanie Carraway discusses a new “sweetness” scale US Riesling producers have introduced to help consumers find Rieslings that suit their tastes — from dry to sweet. For information on the episode featuring Finger Lakes Rieslings, click Episode Guide: Ranking Rieslings from the Finger Lakes.

Buying Wine: Getting the Most for Your Dollar


Here are some suggestions for getting the most for your wine dollar. Think big. The more specific a wine’s appellation (e.g. the Dundee Hills AVA which lies within Oregon’s Willamette Valley AVA), the more expensive it’s likely to be. Look for wines that come from a great region (Sonoma Coast, Napa Valley, Burgundy, Languedoc etc.),…

What is Biodynamic Wine?


We’ve all seen it – a wine list marked with asterisks indicating a wine is “biodynamic.” Is this just a fancy way of saying “organic?” Not exactly, but it does mean that the wine was probably made with organic methods and, usually, then some… Many winemakers both in the US and abroad have been frustrated…

Food Pairing Tip: Go Local


Wine Expert Stephanie Caraway shares some food pairing advice

To Decant or Not?


The debate over whether and when to decant wine has heated up in the past few years. Generally, decanting a wine simply refers to transferring the wine from its bottle into another serving vessel. For a young tannic wine (like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Nebbiolo for example), decanting the wine infuses it with more…

Rosé, Frequently Misunderstood


Wine Expert Stephanie Carraway provides insight on this often misunderstood summertime favorite.