Price Prejudice Can Impact Wine Enjoyment

Pouring Wine

As the blind taste tests on VINE TALK have demonstrated, the most expensive wine is not always the one that people like the best. Furthermore, various studies have shown that in blind taste tests, on average, people are not able to correctly distinguish between inexpensive and expensive wine. However, studies have shown that when people…

Unusual Wine Accessories

iStock_000004819161Large wine accessories

There are numerous wine accessories—ranging from the mundane to the exotic—designed to assist wine lovers with the opening, serving, storing and preservation of wine. Here are six of the more unusual ones we have encountered. The Oak Bottle® The Oak Bottle® is a bottle made of oak that the manufacturer claims makes “ordinary wine taste…

French Wine Fun Facts

champaign Glasses and  Eiffel tower in Paris

When it comes to wine, France is revered for the variety, quality and quantity of wine it produces.  Here are some fun facts about French wine that might be of interest… • In 2014, France was the #1 producer of wine in the world, according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).  The OIV…

Soil-Based Bacteria May Influence Wine Flavor

bunch of grapes

A recent study released by Argonne National Laboratory indicates that soil-based bacteria can potentially influence the properties of wine by impacting grape chemistry. An international team of researchers contributed to the study which was recently published in the online journal of the American Society for Microbiology. Over a two year period, researchers took samples of…

2014 US Wine Consumption Trends

White wine and red wine

In 2014, the US remained the world’s top wine consumer as table wine consumption grew for the 21st consecutive year, according to the Beverage Information Group. An estimated 302 million cases of table wine were consumed, up 1.2% from the prior year, and each wine-drinking adult drank an average of 3.14 gallons of wine. While…

Early US Wine Fun Facts

iStock_000039673504Large old wine barrels

Here are some fun facts about the early days of the US wine industry from noted historian Thomas Pinney’s A History of Wine in America. • It is believed that Spaniards in Santa Elena, South Carolina made the first wine in the continental US around 1568. The oldest continuous tradition of winemaking in the US dates…

The Enduring Legacy of Prohibition

Red and white wine in bottles

National Prohibition had a profound impact upon the US wine industry. Not only did it have a major effect on wine producers and consumers during the 13-year period when it was in force, but the consequences linger to this day—81 years after Repeal. To learn more about this seminal event in the history of the…

How to Host a Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Glass of Champagne and Chocolate

By Jeff Goodman Wine and chocolate. Both are so enjoyable in their own right, and when you find the right pairing, the results can be fantastic! But everyone’s palate is different, so a wine that is perfect for one person might be only moderately enjoyable for the next person. The same holds true for chocolate….

Why It’s Complicated for Wineries to Ship Direct: Part II

wine cellar

To get a better understanding of the complexities associated with direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipments, VINE TALK interviewed Jeff Carroll, Vice President of Compliance and Strategy for ShipCompliant, a company whose products and services help wineries manage the intricacies involved with DTC shipments. The first part of our conversation, Why It’s Complicated for Wineries to Ship Direct:…

Champagne Fun Facts

Pair of champagne flutes

Champagne, the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings. Whether or not you personally enjoy drinking Champagne, it’s hard to deny that this wine has a special mystique.  Here are some fun facts about Champagne that might be of interest… • Dom Pérignon did not invent sparkling Champagne. Its fizzy quality was actually an “accident” of nature. The Champagne region originally…