Bomb Squad Destroys Pre-WWII Wine Collection

Decanter reports that a pre-World War II wine collection was recently discovered in a British garden—but, sadly, it was blown up by the bomb squad a short time later. Here’s what happened…

Tim Woodall told Decanter that he was recently digging in his garden in Suffolk, England when he found a metal cylinder. Thinking it might be an unexploded World War II mortar, he called the police.

A British Army bomb squad set off a controlled explosion of the mortar which revealed a bomb shelter—a common feature of wartime gardens in Britain. Inside the shelter, the bomb squad found a wine rack holding a large number of full French bottles, the dates ranging from 1931 to 1937.

Unfortunately, they also found two more unexploded bombs which had to be destroyed, collapsing the shelter on top of the newly discovered wine treasure.

Woodall’s letter to Decanter relating the incident said: “A secret wine cellar containing old vintage wine had just been blown up in front of our eyes… It was depressing to end the most exciting day in our lives with a cup of tea, instead of something infinitely more interesting.”

Source: Decanter. For the full article, click Bomb Squad destroys WWII Wine Cache.

  • Susan Harris

    And, why could the bottles of wine not be recovered?