Summer Wine Fun Facts


Here are some fun facts about wines and wine-based drinks that are summertime favorites: The United States is the second largest consumer of rosé wine in the world, second only to France, where rosé outsells white wine. According to Vins de Provence, in 2012, France was responsible for 36% of worldwide rosé consumption and the…

Maiwein (May wine)

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Has dancing around a maypole celebrating the arrival of spring left you feeling thirsty? Or are you just in the mood for a traditional springtime wine-based drink? In either case, Maiwein may be the perfect option. Maiwein (May wine) is a centuries-old beverage of German origin enjoyed in the spring, traditionally on the May Day holiday. It…

2012 Thanksgiving Wine Picks

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by Jordan Salcito According to historian Kathleen Curtin at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, wine, more than any beverage besides water, is the most probable libation that Pilgrims and Native Americans consumed at the original Thanksgiving, in 1621.  Hard cider, later a New England staple, hadn’t materialized yet (no one had planted apple orchards), and beer…

Mulled Wine

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Mulled wine is a winter tradition popular around the world, especially during Halloween and Christmas. In Scandinavia, it is called glögg (pronounced “glug”), which simply means “heated up.” In Germany, it is known as Glühwein, “glow[ing] wine.” In Poland, it is grzane wino or “heated wine,” and in Italy, vin brulé, “burnt wine.” The French…

Sparkling Wine Options


Nothing embodies celebration more than a spectacular pop, followed by an effusive gush of cheerful bubbles! No wonder sparkling wines are a favorite for holidays and special occasions. Champagne, the grand dame of sparkling wines, is so famous that some people use the term Champagne “generically” when referring to any sparkling wine. However, there are…

2011 Thanksgiving Wine Picks


Thanksgiving is a holiday that revolves around tradition. Perhaps your family’s Thanksgiving couldn’t possibly be complete without a slice of straight-from-the-can cranberry jelly…or maybe you spend all year dreaming about your grandmother’s chestnut stuffing…or maybe you like to scour cooking sites and magazines looking for a new twist to put on the classics. Everyone’s got…

Autumn Wine Picks


“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” — William Cullen Bryant Falling leaves, apple cider, trick or treating, pumpkin pie… Autumn has rituals and flavors all of its own. As you pack away the sunscreen, pull out your sweaters and turn your mind towards Fall, here are some wines Vine Talk Wine Expert Emilie Perrier says…

Rosé, Frequently Misunderstood


Wine Expert Stephanie Carraway provides insight on this often misunderstood summertime favorite.

Summer Wine Picks


Barbecues, sunglasses, suntan lotion, swim suits…summer is upon us! Here are some great wine picks to enjoy this summer. Reds Our guess is that no matter how big you like your wine, once the weather gets warm, you start to shy away from your usual Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. If you’re like a lot of…

Arriba! Sangria!


Sangria. Sahn-gree-yah. It’s hard not to say the word without a fleeting inclination to do some flamenco. With a name that evokes the Spanish word for blood (Sangre), Sangria is a fruit-and-liquor laced wine punch beloved by Spaniards and…well, just about everyone else. The tradition of Sangria can be traced back only so far to…